image quality

hello again,

i am using many images in my program.
i have problems getting the images shown in the same quality as they have originally.
take a look at the two pictures. the first one is an OnscreenImage in panda, the second one is my original image.

i create an eggfile from the original one using the code

egg-texture-cards -p 384,384 horse.png -o horse.egg

then i just create an OnscreenImage in panda:

horse = loader.loadModel('horse.egg')
horseImg = OnscreenImage(image = horse)

is it impossible to get the same quality in panda for my images, or do i just need to use some operations in code or while creating the egg-file?
any suggestions?

thanks in advance,

yes i got the same problem to with my texture that are not rendered like the original ones

I think the problem is ( if I not mistaken ) panda convert the size of your image to size that apropriate in panda

if u using spam mode there is a report that your texture has been convert into smaller size exp. 512x512 converted into 256x256 or something like that

Is anybody know how to make it off?

By default, panda rescales down any non-power of 2 images. It’s already explained in the manual.

If you don’t want to turn it off, just add a transparent frame around your images, so the resulting resolution is power-of-2.

thank you very much!