Image generated world


I have a database of images with the coordinates and direction they were taken from. I want to navigate through them like I am in a 3D world.
Do you think Panda3D is appropriate for such a task?


Panda will happily do that, though if there are a lot of them you might have to do some custom LOD coding to avoid having too many images at too high resolution loaded at once. Loading a database should be easy as you have the full suite of python to hand.

(I assume you just want to visualise the photos as flat planes, probably at the ends of trapezoids with a point as the camera location. If you have radial distortion parameters you would probably be best distorting the image before use, though you could apply it in real time using a shader or use a morphed mesh rather than a simple plane.)

On the other hand, I daresay that if you want to generate geometry from your images (which, with sufficient coverage of the geometry and, I imagine, a lack of problematic geometry, is possible, I think), I suspect that you’ll end up doing the generation yourself, or with a third-party or external package. Being new myself, I’m not hugely confident that Panda doesn’t offer this generation functionality, but it seems rather unlikely to me.

If you do mean a billboard world, then Panda should work, I believe. :slight_smile: