Image filters in render2d

Apologies if this is already well documented, however I’ve been looking for an answer for some time and have drawn a blank. I’m new to Panda3D and but am very much enjoying using it so far.

I want to apply an image filter to the 2D elements of my display, rather than the 3D elements. In order words I would like to be able to have things like Bloom, blur and cartoon shading applied to what the user sees in render2d.

I’m hoping it’s as simple as changing the parameters in:

filters = CommonFilters(,

to something else.

Also, one of the most useful filters for me will be BlurSharpen, and although it’s in the documentation that actual method doesn’t appear to exist within the CommonFilters class. So if there’s another way to blur something I’d also be very grateful for pointers.

Thanks for reading.


Use base.cam2d rather than

The Blur/Sharpen filter is part of the current CVS version of Panda and will be in 1.7.0 - it is not in 1.6.2. You could of course write your own shader to blur stuff. Or maybe you can use the bloom filter and set such settings that it gives a blur result, although I’m not so sure if that would work.

As the CommonFilters stuff is implemented into Python, getting the contents of this directory and placing it into direct/filter/ would work too: … rc/filter/

Thanks very much indeed for your help!