Image, background and texture


I did a class to construct a frame with 9 pieces I designed, when I put them all together making a frame I can see some lines where the pieces are transparent or between their bounds, if I resize the window the lines change their own positions. I never experienced this before. Any suggestion?

My second question is about putting a background image in 3d window that always face the camera. Also, my scenario have some 2d texture models, I want they face the camera, I think the process is the same for the background.

I’m learning about textures, I don’t know how to animate em, I just want to move the texture up and down, left and right, then loop through.

About texture again, for instance, I have a black texture with a transparent circle, how do I scale the circle without repeating it?

that’s all my problems/curiosities for now XD
thank you for helping a lot!

all of your texture-related questions are answered in the manual, chapter textures, including scaling , wrap modes and uv-manipulation such as movement and scale.

for examples on how to use animated textures you might want to check the “animated textures” sample which comes with your panda installation. the thing you refer to as “2d texture models facing the camera” are called billboards. you can find them in the very same sample as animated textures.

for putting images into the background you can load texture-cards and reparent them to the camera. you need to put them into drawing order so it will always be rendered behind the rest.

about the frame issue…i dont know. i dont really know what kind of frame you have, how it was build and what it looks like after changing window-size

I am using code like this to move the texture on a column in one direction infinitely:

column_movetexture_interval = LerpTexOffsetInterval(self.column, duration = 1.5, texOffset = Vec2(0,-1), startTexOffset = Vec2(0,0), other = None, blendType="noBlend", textureStage=None, bakeInStart = 0, override = None)


I can’t control the background drawing order for my texture-card, I tried setBin, Depth Write and Depth Test but I don’t know how to set it to be rendered behind the rest. Can anyone help me?

Edit: maybe putting it far from my other models and making it larger for fill up the screen… I don’t think this is the right way, what do you tell me?

thank your attention.

I Found it! after some inspection in the forums:

self.bgCard.setBin("background", 0)

quite simple! =)

next question: I have that common wrap error that produces a thin line along the edge of my polygons. In blender, is there a way I can set the wrap mode to WMClamp? if I can’t, how I do this in python? I read the manual that said to use setWrapU, setWrapV, I have one egg file, city.egg, with a lot of textures, how do I proceed to set the textures wrap mode from the egg file?

You can. In the “Texture buttons” tab of the “Shading” panel, click your texture and hit the “Extend” button (rather than “Repeat”).