I'm New To This


i’m new to panda3D. anyone got any tips for me? i’ve got the manual and going to work my way through it.

any other example projects i can do

oh and what language do i need to know to effectively program in panda3D???


Well, if you’ve downloaded the binary distribution there is a directory called samples, which contains a lot of example projects. I’d recommend taking those and altering them to do something slightly different. Even if you’re just changing the appearance slightly, it is useful to see the direct result of your code changes and get a feel for what is going on.

As for languages, you can use any language that can call C libraries as I understand it. However, you are going to get the fastest results and the most ‘bang for your buck’ in terms of time and effort by learning Python and making your projects in Python.

The website for python is http://www.python.org and there are many tutorials available on the web. Be aware that Panda3d uses an older revision of python, 2.2.3, while the current one is 2.4. That won’t make much difference to you at first, but may become an eventual concern.

Hi Tony,

The Panda3D team just released version 1.0.3 on Wednesday. It has a bunch of new, better samples with introductory html files and heavily commented code. IF you haven’t already, I would download version 1.0.3. There’s a sample directory in the new build that contains the scripts I"m talking about. In Windows, they are also accessible through the Start Menu.