I'm new and want to build an RPG 3D game to teach my students using a story

Hello everyone,
I’m 62 and I’m new to programming. I want to build an RPG 3D game to teach my students using a story format instead of being a talking head in the classroom.
Can anyone help me to learn how to program? I downloaded Python 3 and Panda 3D but that’s as far as I got.

I want it to work with 1 to 4 students and the ability to send me their progress and results for entering grades. I want to make a prototype using my textbook so I meet Florida Ed standards because Common core is such a great way to learn… Not! Can anyone suggest a good, easy tutorial for someone my age with limited experience?


Hmm… I have a “beginner’s tutorial”–but it does assume some degree of knowledge of Python programming. Still, it may prove useful to you:

If called for, you might find some introductory Python tutorials online, although I don’t have any specific links to provide for that, I’m afraid!

I wasn’t expecting a fast reply. Thanks for that. Okay, so I need to know Python first. That’s a great place to start because I thought they were on in the same. Geez
Now I have a good starting point and I bought a Python tutorial on Udemy.com so I’ll start working on it. Thanks so much for the assist!

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Not a problem! I hope that your course teaches you well, and that you enjoy both that and your time with Panda3D! :slight_smile:

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