I'm having a problem with developing!

I’m using netbeans, python, and panda 3d. Everything is OK but I don’t know what to put in the python path to have full access to panda 3d!

You say “everything is OK”, so I understand you to mean that you’re able to start Python and load Panda libraries. In that case you already have full access to Panda3D. Is something not working?


I think he is asking about the panda.pth file.

Simplify your setup before you go troubleshooting it.

Can you run a panda test application from the command line with something like python name_of_the_test.py or if you’re running Ubuntu 11.04 (where the default python is 2.7) you could use python2.6 name_of_the_test.py.

That would tell you if there’s a problem with your Panda installation, or with your netbeans setup.