Illumination maps

Does Panda3d support illumination maps?

I am currently using the emissive characteristic in the mesh to create engine and weapon glows in my models.

It does, but you have to write a shader. Have you seen the glow shader demo in the tutorials?


Thanks David. After reading up about the shading system, it looks like it is overkill for making window, engine and weapon illumination on the models.

I assume that the use of shaders is the only way to create glow effects.

You could do this instead:

  • Put the illumination map in the alpha channel.
  • Render the model once without transparency.
  • Render the model a second time with 100% ambient lighting plus alpha-blending.

Of course, rendering a model a second time is a tad tricky. Something to do with sort bins and all that, I’m not entirely sure.

i don’t think this will give a nice glow Josh, I in my game it works very well when it does work. I just used the tron demo and some extra modifications.