Ignoring the Y PosInterval

Is there a way when using PosInterval and Sequence to to have the movement ignore the Y axis? I have a floor collider to handle that so all I care about is my actor moving in is the XZ directions.


You can use a custom function interval with a function that only sets the X and Z values.

I’d make another node and a task that updates this new nodes X and Z in sync with the node moved by the interval. The same task could update the Y pos provided by something else.

Just bare in mind that my ideas are not always the best and sometimes just plain wrong :wink:

rdb is this what you are referring to?

panda3d.org/manual/index.php … _Intervals

No, I’m referring to lerp function intervals, as described at the bottom of this page:


Oh Sweet that should help allot. Thanks rdb I’ll let you know how it goes.