IDLE in Windows install


This is probably blatantly obvious to most here, but I couldn’t find anything in the forums addressing using the idle IDE included in the Panda3d install. One of the wonderful things about python is the interactive shell, so I didn’t want to download an IDE, use it to create the files, and then go to the command line to run it with ppython.exe. A little exploration of the Panda install and I found that idle was included. If there is another version of python installed, it can cause problems when you run by double clicking on it in the windows interface. So you have to run the file with ppython.exe explicitly. The easiest thing to do is to create a bat file and drop it in the start menu with the rest of the panda stuff. To create the bat file…

Open notepad (Start->Run->notepad)

Type in the following (this is assuming you are using the defaul install configuration)…

ppython C:\Panda3d-1.0.4\python\Tools\idle\

Save the file as a bat file (File->Save as…->type in a file name and add .bat to the end of it->change file type to all files)

Hopefully this will save someone else some time. :slight_smile: If this is already covered somewhere I apologize for the duplication.

I ran into this issue running the examples…

So if you are going to run an example add a cd to the directory that you are going to be running the example from. i.e.

cd C:\Panda3d-1.0.4\samples\Basic-Tutorials–Lesson-1-Scene-Graph
ppython C:\Panda3d-1.0.4\python\Tools\idle\