Ideas for a first game.

I have decided that I am a litlle more advanced and started to think about my first game, on-my-own.

But my problem is that I have zero imagination. And how my game should look like? No idea.[size=59] Well, I have some ideas, but their realistaion is too hard for me.[/size]

So I ask you. You have probaly made lots of first-games, and could help me!

I am not a total lama, but I think I could do something like: Balls on Drugs >>>My first game!<<<

a very small thing like:
a small target practice game (some wooden people go up and you have to shoot 'm)

or you can do what i do: just start with something and just think: now i like to add…
tough with my idea you’ll never finish a game.



NO, this is how Windows programmers think like. I don’t want to end up with something like windows! :slight_smile:

that makes no sense at all…


Since this is your first game I would recommend a clone of a simple existing game. In fact, your first several games should probably be clones of increasing complexity, so that while learning you can concentrate on the nuts and bolts of implementation without getting bogged down in design considerations.

Like, a good progression would be start with whack-a-mole, then Breakout, then Star Fox, etc.

Of course, by “clone” I don’t necessarily mean it has to look exactly the same, just using the same game mechanics so that you don’t have to think about that stuff. For example, my first games were things like Pacman in 3D, except that the player was a kid running around a hedge maze.

That was helpful, thanks.

both of them were right, but we have here a true reallity, you, me, he, she, or anyone never will finish an unlike game, i tried at my own, and could not made… i like space and horror games, one day tried to do a fps and finally i quit it because fault of motivation, first you can think what are your favorits games, rpg, puzzle, etc… then you will able finish it for sure…

Anothe technical tip, if you are going to do a game, the most important is to get all arranged, doing diagrams in a copybook, storyboard (if your game has a sequence), then, one time you have all clear in paper, you start modeling and then scripting. You will find more easier things with this.

Real games are built through a collaboration between programmers, artists, designers, sound people and producers. If you can’t fill all those roles yourself, you might want to find some friends (online or offline) who can do the other bits, and you can make a game together. Or you can buy art online, at places like and, but that quickly gets expensive.

for the first game try to make a space invaders-, breakout- or pong clone. something without physics, AI and other complicated stuff. a good idea is also to write down your goal, otherwise you’ll start to implement unnecessary stuff like lights or other special effects without having the base done.