Ide for C++ in Windows (other than visual studio 2008)

Hi there,

I can’t install Visual Studio 2008 for several reasons.

Is there an alternative for VS2008 for C++; without building Panda3d? … in windows 7. Eclipse? Netbeans? Or any other option is OK for me.


It’s not about the IDE, it’s about the compiler it uses. Is it not possible to install the free express version of Visual Studio 2008, and then interface with the VC2008 compiler via the command-line or via another IDE??

Thanks for the answer, I tried to install but I saw many errors so I gave up.

What about GNU C++ compilers for Windows platforms, and how badly does MS cripple the “free” version??? Was wanting to eventually Cython my Python code but it probably will be a big prog and dont’want some lobotomized compiler telling me I’ve exceeded the symbol table size restrictions on the free ver or rubbish like that.

The free version of MSVS is perfectly capable of compiling Panda or any other large application. It’s a bit crippled in that it doesn’t support generating 64-bit applications, but most Panda users don’t require or expect that anyway.

Unfortunately, the GNU compilers available for Windows weren’t adequate the last time we tried to use them. It may be that things have improved since then, but no one has volunteered to make the effort required to port Panda to a different compiler on Windows.


Panda and Python are both 32 bitters basically as are GPU’s so tf it can handle something the size of the Panda core build it would do ok. I’m nowhere near the Cython stage yet though but will keep it in mind.