I was wondering if someone would like to code this demo ???

Hi there,

I hope you are doing very well.

I have just downloaded my first copy of Panda3d.

I have no idea how to code in Python.

I have some experience with C

I would like to take this opportunity to learn Panda3d

I was wondering if someone would like to code the following demo as seen in the Xna site :-


It will be one hell of a learning tool and demo for all those out there who would like to make Panda3d their game engine of choice …

Such a demo would only draw more and more users to the Panda3d game engine.


Hope to hear from you soon.

Warm Regards

Sparky 894

Where do we get art work?

I have not thought about that yet …

Perhaps someone would like to draw up some models using blender …

I do not know blender or maya or max …

I am just starting out …


so you have no code or art and you want someone to spend time on some random project instead of their own?


sorry i never meant that …

i was just thinking if we had a demo like that …

it would make a swell learning tool for all those wanting to adopt panda3d …

simple as that …

i never ask anyone to pull away from their own personal project to work on this …


I think the best way if people worked on their own stuff and produce awsome stuff.

Like you can start a project to look great and showcase panda3d.

Sparky894, I provide you a bunch of demos you could find useful as a start up - anyhow, as a rule of any forum, before to ask a question you should use the search feature of the forum first
here come the demos:
offical panda demos
a whole space game
a point and click roaming avatar
and here a nice panda3d features showcase

these are just a few but if you need more just use the search forum feature

comeon treefrom, its a great idea, a communtiy project would perfect to improve a team work. just do a tinny part on it, maybe the postprozessing (bluring and some great fx) :slight_smile: im sure it wouldnt cost you lot of time and im thinking about doing a robot for it.

model, texture, animation (walk, run, jump, firing and some damage blends)

but the only licence point for me: the model(s) arnt alowed to use in a commercial game, they only can be use in this demo. everyone who is working on this demo, needs to be called in the credits with the point she/he done on it.

think about, i would be glad if you will join this idea.

That idea is already underway and will be published soon so that everyone can contribute to it.

im very curious about :slight_smile:

soon? when?

I can’t give you any date or time, sorry.

thanks for the link