i need help loading animations from blender to panda

I’m new to panda, and I have looked at just about every tutorial there is for animation in blender. I know how animate the object, but how do I export it to panda? How do I save it in the correct format, and how do I import it in panda?

I need a step by step process for doing this.


I’m talking about 3d model animation, for example a door opening and closing.


I used the following video to learn how to do this:


Most of the video is the animating itself, the exporting is at the end. Note that you will need to disable envelopes (in the Armature section of the Buttons Window, when selecting the armature, if there is one). I am not sure whether non-armature animations are exported properly; I know I tried once and only the armature animations were loaded, but that might have been user error.

Just to clarify the above Chicken only supports armature based animation - egg files only have support for armature based animation, so it couldn’t be any other way. Saying that it is easy to replicate any ‘normal’ animation using armatures, often by using a single armature weight painted for all the vertices in an object.

For a closing and opening door you only need an armature with one single bone/joint.

You define a vertex group on the door vertices and let the bone animate that vertex group only.

Animate the door using the bone for an opening animation. You have the choice whether you want to play this animation forth anc back for opening and closing or create a second animation.

Export both animations as external egg files along the model and load it in code.


Reply if you need an in-depth tutorial.