I need a tutorial...

[size=150]I have panda 3d 1.5.0 and i need a tutorial on how to use it. Can some one help me!!

-Eric[/size] :question:

Some one might… but as far as i know alice has nothing to do with panda3d except for me model pack we had before … and they both come out of CMU…

There are really only a few sources of information on using Panda:

  1. The manual
  2. The forums
  3. The API/Reference
  4. The samples
  5. The source code

Figure out what you want to do, and then hunt down the information you need in these places. If you can’t find specific info, post a specific question, and hope that someone knows the answer and has the time to share it with you. Happy hunting.

I think a tutorial series would be really appreciated. The manual starts out sorta like a tutorial but then starts to turn into a reference, becoming more abstract.

What about this?


I think part of the problem you’re facing is that Panda is so powerful that it can be used for pretty much any kind of project. That means that it has a lot of possibilities. The other issue I think is that there aren’t too many playable games with their source around yet. We all have projects going but very little is playable and so a beginner just sees the tutorials and thinks that’s all Panda can do.

The showcase section does have a few good playable programs. Look through there.

Here’s some: