I have a general questions

Hi everyone!

I always look on the side of the site all sorts of games that people did.
And all games look the same graphics,
So the question is, how they all build their characters and backgrounds, by code or with some software?

And I want to create a car to go to the background I made (like panda goes into a forest but i want car)
Where can I download it (with an egg) or how can I create one?

Thank you in advance for all the good help :slight_smile:

Hi idan. A lot of the models you see were made by someone else using a 3d modeling program.

A forum question was ask before about what free 3d modeling programs are out there, so maybe you can take a look at those:
Deled, Blender (Blender being the most use), max to name a few.

You can also look on the forum or another 3d modeling forum for free 3d models people have up for use in 3d games. Do make sure they have said its ok to use them in your game.

Usally you will need to convert the files into a .egg format. For example .x files you would type in x2egg file name and file out put (x2egg town.x town.egg) in cmd.

so i try to look for some cars in three dimensions on the Internet and did not find.
If you have any link to such site is very help

And really, really thank you all for all the help

(Do not think I will advance in my program I do some things and only things I get stuck long time I used help :slight_smile:)

3D models are all done by artists, who are using a 3D modelling software. The most known ones are (from my humble point of view) Cinema4D, 3D Studio Max, Maya, Blender (free) and Wings3D (free). There of course are many more, but any is good enough for making all kinds of models.
Still, you need to learn a few things before modelling yourself. If you plan to use models in your project, I suggest you learn at least the basic theory, even if you don’t intend to make any models yourself. I mean, you need to have some basic knowledge before doing anything (even using others’ models) in 3D.

So here a TODO list for you:

  1. Read about general 3D modelling and programming theories and practices.
  2. Get used to a modelling suite (e.g. Blender) - at least to the point where you are able to create a basic shape, like a lowpoly car.
  3. Employ a 3D artist or browse the web for “free 3d models”. There are a few collections of free-to-use models out there. Only handicap is that there is no unified format, so you’ll have to convert things occasionally. The only repository I know that offers egg models is There is a free repository of models all in egg format at alice.org/pandagallery/ .

All required infos can be obtained by simply searching the web.

now you know way when i put the car i see it in white
and i dont see the coler of it?

i so ander file “TextureMap.tif” in dirctory “map” i guss in need to something with this file, you know
10x agine…

There are lots of blender models on the net, such as e2-productions.com/repository/mo … php?cid=15

I have also a car model in the demomaster demo, you can download and see if it fits your need.

and thank you all for your help!