I found a way on how to get started.....

On how to run Panda 3D programs.

The text editor I use is notetab light:

It’s a free text editor that I use to edit mostly data.

Install it, look for this section in the clip area called “SampleCode”, there will be a list like section on the left.

Right click on “Launching Programs”, and select “Add new clip…”, and type “Panda3D” as the new clip.

Then insert this code:

;Launches a panda3d Program.
^!Shell ppython.exe ^$GetShort("^##")$

Save, and then close the clip editing program.

Now when you load a Panda3d Example program, you now just simply double click on the “Panda3D” in the clips section where you saved and and walaa. The program successfully runs!

The bottom line is, theres no fancy smanchy hi-lighting or anything like that.