I ask a question about example looking and gripping

I have found that there are pieces of codes in looking and gripping

    positions = [("models/teapot", (0,-.66,-.95), (90,0,90), .4),
                 ("models/candycane", (.15,-.99,-.22), (90,0,90), 1),
                 ("models/banana", (.08,-.1,.09), (0,-90,0), 1.75),
                 ("models/sword", (.11,.19,.06), (0,0,90), 1)]

These codes are use to setPos setHpr setScale the thing in the boy’s righthand.

So my question is how to determine the Pos and Hpr and Scale?
Just to test?

I bet the maker used model.place() on these parts, positioned it right, noted down the positions/hpr/scale.