Humor: Running Panda3D wherever you want! (large images!)

Hi! Did you ever wish to run Panda3D on your MIPS, PowerPC or Sparc?

Use QEMU :slight_smile:

Here the evidence…

However… take care… the graphics is not always for high end tastes :smiley:

But Sound was working…

Sorry for posting such useless things… I needed to mess around with a Emulator, so I wanted to see if its capable of running Panda3D. As you see, it IS - with some restrictions :wink:

Regards, Bigfoot29

Say, want to share the scripts you used to get QEMU (the OSes ('s ??)) running??

Actually there is no “script” as such… I used a small howto and installed Debian into the x86er Emulator… In case you know UAE, the Amiga Emulator, then you know how QEMU works. It creates a complete virtual PC independend from the System working byond the Emulator, you will always have a PentiumII as processor.

Read to get more information about it. :slight_smile:

The operating system and Panda3D can be installed easily like you would do it with a “real” PC too :wink:

Regards, Bigfoot29

Edit: Note: QEMU is NOT Xen, VMWare or the Microsoft product that only virtualizes an existing Platform. QEMU creates a complete virtual one that is completely independend from that!