Huge Size of EGG File=>normal

Hello All,

Still playing with producing animation for Panda
using .X export from Milkshape 3D and bvh Export from Poser.

Real good result so far. But i noticed the egg file obtained is between 6 and 10 times bigger than the source x.file.

Its plays good however. so is it normal (like data preorganized for faster rendering) or is peculiar to my models?

It’s normal for egg files to get quite large. The egg syntax is pretty verbose and fluffy. However, if you compress the egg file (via gzip or pcompress, for instance), or convert it to bam format (via egg2bam) you should see that the actual data is reasonably small.


Thanks david.
Is there some pros (apart from size on hard drive)
that would push me to compress (by zip or by bam conversion) the egg files?

Currently they are all under 20 megas.:slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Sure. Egg files are so big because they can be human editable if they need to be. However, when they get so big they can take a while to load, so it is possible to make them into binary (bam) files. These are much smaller and load much quicker, but cannot be edited.

To do so, use the egg2bam utility documented here.

One note of warning. With bams file texture paths are taken as relative to your script rather than relative to your models. You might need to play around with the options a bit or change your folder structure to get it to find your textures.[/url]

I did the test . the loading speed improvment is huge ,really huge.
It’s terrific :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot