How would you guys make a decent-looking fire for a torch?

My dungeon needs torches.

To make the fire, should I animate some textures, should I use particles, should I apply some special fancy effects?

I tried playing with the Particle Panel, but it keeps bugging on my system :/.

How do you guys make your fires?

I’m using a set of fire images on a transparent background.

Oh, what the heck… here you go, for free for anyone willing to download.

Preview (as gif):

Download link (png+egg):

Have a happy Third Of May:wink:

Hey, thanks, it’s pretty :slight_smile:.

Wow, that was easy to import! I don’t know how to make it face the camera though. I can write a task that makes all the torches look at the camera but it feels inefficient :/.

Found it! flame_model.setBillboardPointWorld() . I did not know the term “billboard effect”, I was looking for things like “sprite”.