How to x2egg?

Simply, what are the commands? And the window goes off too fast!

(1) Go to a terminal window, by using Start > Run, and type “cmd.exe”
(2) use “cd” to navigate into the directory containing the .x file. Like:

cd "C:\some\directory"

(3) call x2egg, like this:

x2egg.exe file.x file.egg

replacing “file.x” with the name of the .x file.

Thank you.

Put it in the manual please!!

btw I have Win7 so have a different way how to acess command line.

I think it’s not in the manual because users of Panda are usually expected to already know Python and/or C++ well, and one who knows those languages well is probably also familiar with using command-line tools (heck, like python itself.)

I am also familliar with the command line, since MS-DOS 6.xx/7.xx are basically integrated with WinNT core making 1:1 operations like it so I had to use it millions times. But the Win7’s cmd.exe just didn’t want to switch folders so I thought it’s not the way to do it.

i am surprised win7 manage to break it. but in this case complain to microsoft for breaking the most basic utility in their OS.

pro-rsoft’s point remains. if you use panda you’r expected to know the basics of the OS you’r using. we can teach you game development, and maybe give some help with general programming. but we cant teach each single user to use his machine+software. if we would include how to use the OS in the manual we’d end up … well you can imagine what OS-manuals look like. its simply not possible.

^^ I agree :smiley: