How to write an Egg parser

I discovered the API Reference for panda3d.egg.* (Classes for writing Egg Files), but I have no idea how to use these Classes. Is there any Example how to use them, so I can figure out how it works?

I need this because I want to built an Egg Exporter which is deeply integrated into blender3D, so I have to write my own parser/Exporter…

Thanks in Advance!

There is a page in the manual and a few more code samples here on the forum. I’m not sure I’ve seen code showing how to write actors and animations but I’m sure it can be done.

There is an .egg parser that is written in Python included with my blender-egg-importer:

Apropos, there are existing .egg importers and exporters for Blender, is there a reason you can’t use any one of those?

Thank you. I found an Example! I want to connect Panda3d with blender (one-click-export to panda3d-environment, Project Folder, Publishing).
And the Yabbee Exporter is JUST a normal Exporter. And yes I know, there’s a Project called BlenderPanda and it does the same, but I’m not satisfied with it :slight_smile:

What issues do you have with BlenderPanda? I would appreciate any feedback to help make the project better. :slight_smile:

Well i don’t think there’s a big problem with blenderpanda. It’s just, that I would like to Code something by myself, so that I can extent it as I like and exclude things which I don’t need. I just don’t like premade things. BlenderPanda is great (I tested it out), but not for me. If I would like an premade Game Creation Suit, I would use Unity or something like that :wink:

the_dans_creep, the problem is that knowing the classes from panda3d will not help you, you need to learn the blender API for these purposes. I also had the idea of ​​implementing a handy exporter with customizable parameters for the project, it was even partially implemented, I published it here on the forum.

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