How to: Visual C++ Express 2005

This is a short tutorial of how I got panda to compile using Visual C++ Express 2005.

#----------The tutorial below is outdated! Read the one located in the Panda 3D manual … on_Windows

First, obviously, download and install visual C++ from:

Next download and install the windows platform SDK from: … fault.aspx

Follow this tutorial to setup Visual C++ Express 2005 with the plaform SDK … laylang=en

If all goes well and tou can get your test program to compile in the above tutorial you are all set to use makepanda.bat or .py to compile panda.

I used a nightly build of panda (2007.12.11) available from here:

Hope this helps,


maybe add this to the manual?
Some place next to: … on_Windows


The tutorial is now here: … ce_Windows
and has been added to section VIII - E of the manual.


The page isn’t in the table of contents. There was an error in my script to detect this, but I fixed it.


I’m not sure what you mean. If you click on the manual button and look down at section VIII point E you can see “Tutorial: Compiling the Panda 3D Source on Windows” I know that it’s not using the same name, because I used [[Building Panda from Source Windows | Tutorial: Compiling the Panda 3D Source on Windows]] to make the link.

Is that what is causing the problem?


Yes. When you go to the page, it sees that it’s on the page “Building Panda from Source Windows.” Since that’s not in the table of contents, it complains.

Did you mean for the page to be titled, “Tutorial: Compiling the Panda 3D Source on Windows?” If so, there’s a button to move a page. You can relocate it.

Yeah I thought that might be the problem…

I was lazy, I used that name first off but at the end didn’t think it described the page well enough so i just used the [[|]] wiki link thingy to make it look better.

I’ll move it now to “Tutorial: Compiling the Panda 3D Source on Windows”