How to use wxpython as in-game gui?

I would like to use wxpython for my GUI needs, as DirectGUI is not suitable for any complex GUI.

But I do not know how. I can start a wxpython window but that’s a separate window from the Panda3D window, while I want the GUI in the same window.

Any advice on how to use wxpython within Panda3d?

Sorry, I don’t think that this is possible at all. Any wxPython controls will have to be around the Panda view, not inside. You can embed a Panda window inside a wxPython window, though, but I don’t think you can overlay wxPython widgets on top of the Panda window.

If I would embed a Panda view within a Wxpython screen, could I still overlay frames and other items over that view?

If that is possible, then the effect would be the same, right?

You can’t overly wx items onto a Panda window, even in a Panda window that you embed within a wx frame. The 3-D rendering hardware is fundamentally different from the 2-D support provided by wx, sorry.


DGUI is not that bad. It has its quirks, but once you get to know it -the sky is the limit. I can’t imagine any type of gui that can’t be made with DirectGUI (in the worst case scenario it could be slow with 200+ elements).

You could try libRocket, it is very cool :slight_smile:
Or take a look at this: