How to use Blender to export a Motion Path?

I’m trying to follow some tutorials about modeling and exporting a curve from Blender 2.49 to use as a motion path in Panda.

I modeled a simple NURBS curve and exported it as an EGG file using Chicken R91 script.

However, when I try to load this file in Panda using MoPath.loadFile(“file”) I got an error message saying that “Mopath has no curves”.

What am I doing wrong?

Can you upload your egg file or post the file content here?

After I posted the question a student of mine discovered a limitation of Chicken exporter. Only NURBS curves (not circles) with EXACTLY 4 nodes can be exported correctly.

Is there any other solution? Because a curve with only 4 nodes does not help me much.

Hm, it’s strange. I’m not sure about Chiken, but you can try to use YABEE with Blender > 2.5 (I recommend latest 2.62). YABEE can export NURBS with two or more nodes, however limitation about non cyclic NURBS is still in force.

Add: also may be useful the links below to understand the NURBS behavior in the Panda
[Bug with NURBS Knots)