How to uninstall Panda3D and Toontown

First of all, shame on Panda3D and shame on Disney’s ToonTown for not having an uninstaller in Add/Remove Programs (Windows XP) or in Uninstall a program (Windows Vista). Shame on any program that does not include an uninstaller.

I have read many forums and have done many searches over the Internet and no one has been able to answer this question. There seems to be no way to uninstall Panda3D or ToonTown. Ever since I played ToonTown my Windows XP PC now takes an extra two minutes to start up and load windows so I need to remove it.

I have looked in all the locations that have been suggested in forums such as:

  1. Control Panel -> Add/Remove Programs. Disney, ToonTown or Panda3D is NOT listed.
  2. Program Files folder. There are no new folders for Disney, ToonTown or Panda3D
  3. START -> All Programs. There are no folders for Disney, ToonTown or Panda3D
  4. In Firefox I have gone to Tools -> Add-Ons and I uninstalled Panda3D extension. But this did not actually uninstall Panda3D or Toontown, it just removed it from Firefox.

The only folder I have found is in C:\Documents and Settings%username%\Local Settings\Application Data\Panda3D . It is full of files including ToonTown files. But there is no program in the folders for uninstalling.

So how do I remove Panda3D and ToonTown from the Windows XP PC? I can delete this folder, but who knows what it will leave behind in the registry or what files it will leave behind in other places.

Please help. Thanks

You can uninstall Panda3D from:
(ver. 1.7.0)

Also with start > All Programs > Panda3D 1.7.0 > uninstall Panda3D

I didn’t play ToonTown in my pc (only in the browser) so I don’t know how to uninstall it.

I can’t say this for sure because I’m not a Toontown developer, but I think that removing the Panda3D directory in “Application Data” and getting rid of the Panda3D web plugins (Firefox extension + ActiveX for IE) should remove Toontown and the Panda3D plugin from your system.

Yes. Deleting the folder is sufficient to uninstall Toontown. Deleting the Panda3D web plugins is sufficient to uninstall Panda3D itself.

Panda3D and Toontown write absolutely nothing to the registry or to any other places than these.

They don’t write anything to the startup disk or do anything else sneaky, either, so it’s hard to see how simply having these installed can slow down your boot. Unless it’s just an issue with your disk becoming increasingly fragmented, in which case running a defragger will probably help more than uninstalling any one program.


Panda3D is not in C:\ or in start -> programs. It is only in Local Settings\Application Data

Thank you drwr and rdb. I will try to just delete the folder. The disk is not fragmented. Plenty of free space also. I did a search in the registry and didn’t see anything for “Panda3D” or “Toontown”, so maybe you are right. Very strange because the slowness at boot started right after that.

I’ll let you know if I find something.