how to turn off the activity of projected texture

i am not talking about turning off the texture, but rather the act of “projecting”.
i would like to disable projected texture in some case, but with setTextureOff(texStage) or clearTexture(texStage), Panda is still doing calculations which cost CPU time.
i am using projectTexture(texStage,texture,node) function to setup projected texture.

also, if a subnode has setTextureOff(texStage) attribute, the subnode still gets calculated. i know this because i have a subnode with 20,000 triangles and it eats framerates unless i reparent this node outside of the node with projected texture (reparenting is done in speed test, but i’d like to keep the hierarchy). can this be improved?

You can use node.clearProjectTexture(texStage) to ‘undo’ texture projection.

thanks, that solved the problem.