how to set up the background in panda

i have tried some work in blender and using egg exporter it is now possible to export the .blend file
to egg but the world( skys) which i creat in .blend file is not comming in panda viewer… can any one please tell me how to make a sky … and my intention
is to develop a car racing game . i have got the track and car ready but still no ides of how to load
a sky so that it would appear more beautiful.I know sky
needs to be baked to an image but i have no idea how to do it in blender is there any modules in panda
which makes the work easier … any help will be appricaited… thanx in advance

what you are looking for is called “skybox”.
and might be of high intrest for you. there are many more threads about skyboxed on the forum.

if you have troubles creating them, there are counless tutorials for all modeling packages out there. try googling for “skybox”+“yourfavorite3deditor”

This panda is a wonderful game engine…Now i am getting
very much interst in it…
Thanx for your kindness to help me…Thank you…