How to set Texture.F_srgb for actor model

In the guide for blender model conversion, under the “Why do my colors look different in Panda3D?” header they say you need to set SRGB mode for colors to look like they do in blender

Set your textures to use the Texture.F_srgb or Texture.F_srgb_alpha texture format, which automatically linearizes the colors before they are used in the rendering process.

How exaclty do I do that? I load my model as Actor, I tried getting to the textures with findTexture() but had little to no success. = Actor(model_path, animation_dict)
# how to set Texture.F_srgb?

Which tool are you using for converting from Blender? If you use blend2bam or panda3d-gltf, I believe that this step is done for you automatically.