How to set right coordinates?(UNSOLVED)

Hello I have a problem with setting teleport coordinates:
if Charleson == True:
if Cat.getY() < -33.19 and Cat.getY() > -22.19 and Cat.getX() < 185.33 and Cat.getX() > 170.33:
if Charlesoff == False:
if Cat.getY() < 10.0 and Cat.getY() > 10.0 and Cat.getX() < 10.0 and Cat.getX() > 10.0:

I want to set coordinates: Cat.setY(-25.19) between Cat.Sety(33.33)
Cat.setX(-185.33) between Cat.set 186.42


how to set this into the first part?

And by back to PR:

I want to use one place, and those are the exact coordinates.

Someone? It is still not solved

Help, I got it almost, but there the coordinates are just not working

I don’t understand what you’re trying to do. Do you want to move something right?

If so, refer to this:

If you aren’t working with 3d models and you’re using 2d graphics, just remove the Y axis from the equation.
HINT: The X axis is left and right :wink:

Hey man, I write some codes, but I don’t understand most of them, cuz I’m 15.
What I think this codes are is a 2d piece and when ye walk in that thing you teleport, right?
So what do I need to know, cuz I just placed the Actor on 4 points(square) and those 4 I write down.
Do I need to give it to you, cuz I really dunno how work further.

I know got this: if Charleson == True:
if Cat.getY() < 22.19 and Cat.getY() > -43.19 and Cat.getX() < -185.33 and Cat.getX() > -185.33:
if Charlesoff == False:
if Cat.getY() < 0.0 and Cat.getY() > 0.0 and Cat.getX() < 0.0 and Cat.getX() > 0.0:

The Y coordiantes are on different places but the X coordinate is good on both place, but In still can’t teleport, so why is it stuck?