How to Scrolltext in an area?[solved]

Hi, I have been messing with directscrolledframe in an attempt to fit the text in a small area, but I have been unsucefull, the text isn´t contained to the area, and as result I have no scrollbar either, since there is nothing to scroll:

How can I achieve this my friends? Thanks for any help

Parent the text to DSF.getCanvas()

Hey thanks! The text is now contained in the directscrollframe, but I noticed the canvas size is set once at creation, do I need to use variables in canvasSize paramaters and also call it(and framesize too) everytime I have a new text, to have the canvas have the same size as the text height?

Yes, if that’s what you want it to do.

I do not need to recreate frame and canvas, I can just use

self.ccTxtFrame['canvasSize'] = (-0.55, 0.53, -0.31, 0.06)

This is possible because the parameters created by directgui are like tuples containing a list each.

Thanks a lot people!