How to save the rendered scene? Help! please

How to save the rendered scene?

I creates a rendered scene with PANDA and would like to save it as image or video in realtime but I have no idea how to do it. Can anybody kindly help me please? I look forward to see any answer. Or just say it is possible or not possible to save a scene.


Your question isn’t very clear, but I’ll try to answer it.

I know it can be done with FrontCam:

I think you can get a demo version.

There might be other free “capture tools” that I don’t know about. Be aware that running a capture tool and anything else at the same time will cause some slowdown.

If you just need a still image the [Print Screen] button on your keyboard should work fine.

I don’t know of any way built into Panda3D to save to a video file. Panda3D was intended for real-time rendering.

If you just want to make 3D animations or computer generated imagery you could use something like Blender:

Blender is free software.

Thank Cyan.
Following is a detail of my project.
In my project, I create a heli simulation with PANDA3D. There is a cam attached to simulated heli to take images. These images will be sent to image processing program(by TCP) to find the height of of flying robot. Is it possible to capture images and send to image processing program, all are done on PANDA3D?