How to read an egg file ? (collisions related)

I’m struggling with the collisions… Comparing my code to many topics in the forum and to Roaming-Ralph tut, I’m still not able to get the tip!

So, I imported my own terrain in Roaming-Ralph tut and collisions are not working too. So I’m wondering if it’s not somekind related to “How the Avatar was created/loaded”.
Reason why I’d like to compare my .egg to ralph.egg

So, how can we open/read the egg files ?

An unrelated question:
I’ve seen some users already using Panda 1.7.0 but from where did they get that one ?

Thx in advance :wink:

An egg file is just a text file; you can open it up in Notepad or in the text editor of your choice. If it ends in .egg.pz, it means it is compressed, and you have to uncompress it first with the punzip program.

Some industrious individuals may have downloaded and built the current Panda version from the CVS trunk. You can do this with a bit of experience with CVS; SourceForge has plenty of instructions on this topic. This isn’t precisely 1.7.0, since that version isn’t finished yet. But it will have many of the new features that will become part of 1.7.0.


Thanks David. Didn’t think about opening it that way.
Comparing the files as textedit is not helping… Thousands of lines!!!
I was imagining something like importing egg in Blender… anyway…

Should I export the “into” and “from” egg the same way ?
My understanding is that it’s the same thing except that we have to add the from objects in the CollisionTraverser.

is there a release date announced fot 1.7.0 version ?