HOw to put background?

self.myFrame = DirectFrame(frameColor=(0,0,0,0) , pos=(-1,0,-.40), geom=loader.loadModel("./models/antbully.egg") )

im trying to create a background out of this codes… i created a box in blender and texturized it with an antbully wallpaper… And when i run the program, it just displayed a screen with white background…

How to fix this? any idea guys… thanks…

Your help is greatly appreciated…

Thank You.

and guys, how to put quit command in the quit button? thanks

This question gets asked a lot. Open your egg file with a text editor, and inspect the texture paths therin. Make sure they are reasonable. Try viewing the egg file in pview to confirm that the textures are loading. Look for error messages on the console that indicate failure to load textures.


Also, make sure you UV-mapped your box and didn’t use “Orco” for the texture coordinates.

ok so, i opened a text editor notepad to be precise, and some codes and numbers have appeared.

{ Z-up }

{ “Egg laid by Chicken for Blender, version R66” }

Material.001 {
diffr {0.798108696938}
diffg {0.159055784345}
diffb {0.159055784345}
specr {0.25}
specg {0.25}
specb {0.25}
shininess {12.5}
Plane {
Plane {
0 {
1.0 0.999999940395 0.0
1 {
-0.999999642372 1.00000035763 0.0
2 {
-1.00000011921 -0.999999821186 0.0
3 {
1.0 -1.0 0.0
{ Material.001 }
{ 0.000000 0.000000 1.000000 }
{ 0 1 2 3 { Plane } }

now when i saw the codes, i was so questioned what the codes mean,. and what part of it should i edit…im just so new with this… :frowning:

Whats ORCO? im pretty much sure that i've UV mapped my object.. split the window in 2, applied texture and etc. the only problem im having are these:

error exporting in chicken r66
traceback(most recent call last):
file"(string)",line 804, in button
file"(string)",line 661, in fExport
file"(string)",line 330, in doExport
file"(string)",line 1144, in init
AttributeError: “Blender Mesh” object has no attribute ‘getTangents’

this is driving me nuts…

Your mesh doesn’t have a texture. Did you uv-map your model at all?

The other error probably is because you have an old version of blender.

yes i do have blender 2.43 actually, an old version…
so anyway, should i download the newest version? and if i download the newest version, should i also download python’s newest version?

Upgrading seems like a good idea. You shouldn’t download python at all.