How to publish my game.

I have just begun to use panda… but I would like to know how one publishes their game because I want to make sure that I am able to publish a game that I am currently coding.


(I like the fact that you can use python in panda since it is such a simple language, but I have come to love the features that C, C++, C#, and Java share. But I think that I know what y’all will say. You will probably say that I should use python. But that is okay since I already know a little python from working with Blender’s game engine.)

There is a tool in panda3d called packpanda. It creates standalone exe’s and installer. You can use c++ to write your entire game.

Also “publish” do you mean like to iTunes store with iPhone apps? There is no such thing for panda3d stuff.

if your question is about general publishing, then:
usually you set up a website for your app and post the URI here and there.

free webspace and other useful things, like a version control system, bugtrackers, forums a.s.o. can be found at (looks like the forum software doesn’t like brackets in urls - copy’n’paste it)

don’t forget to write about your game in our forum showcase, as well :slight_smile:

When you release your game you say that it has been published.

Thanks for the pack panda thingy that you can use to make .exe from; but I need to know how to utilize it. Can u plz tell me how to use it?

The Count

Oh, and thanks nemesis for telling me about how I can find a website for my game, but that is not what I need at the present moment. I want to make stand alone .exe’s that my game can run from, but thanks anyway.

And thanks treeform for informing me about the packpanda utility; can you tell me how to use it?

have you read the manual-page about it already?

Thanks a lot!

I use the downloaded manual due to slow internet connections, so I couldn’t find the tutorial.