How to make stats for ye actor and how to make enemies

Hello all,
I run on Panda 3D 1.9.4
I write Python, but I was wondering how my actor gets some status, like health.
And if that’s done ye want not to lose all ye health, cuz there are monsters on the way.
I have some Navy Soldiers that can do amimation, but how do I give them Health and how do they follow me and try to kill me.
I saw something called PandaI, but that is for 1.7.0,r?
So is there a way for 1.9.4 on Python 2.7
And how do I do all that?

Hmm… really interesting indeed…

I think I was wrong on the site of PandaI sayd it has those files in 1.7.0 or above, so I quess I can begin than?
Hope it will work :wink: