How to make my first online game?

I have made several complete games with panda3d in the past, yet I have never made a online game.

I know panda can make a online game I just don’t know how, is there any tutorials or examples that I could learn?

Once I made the game how to I host it online?
Making games is only a hobby for me and I don’t intend on making money with my games, is there any free game hosting sites or at least cheap way of hosting games?

Sad to say there is no one right way to do it. There are different design patterns you can use. The appropriate one would depend on your game and game’s architecture.

The biggest changes is the client-server model and the separation of game logic (server) from graphics and rendering. Communicating between the server and client is not that much different than panda’s messenger system.

While it is generally bad advise to take a single player game and tack on multiplayer code to it, my suggestion is to take your most simple game and rewrite it as a multiplayer game.

Thanks, this helped me get on the right path.

Is there any good books on the subject of multi-player games?