how to make collisiosn system fast.

I am in the aff team are the aff team for pyweek.

we have really horrible problems with the collision. My thoughts was to dived the level into as many polygons as can first using my system based on the octree and then egg octree there

them main problem with the method is that in order to get any kind collisions going i have to collisionNodes.flattenStrong in order to register with the collision system. In mind mind and probably what is happening it flattens my octree and raytallers egg octree. But without flattenStrong i get 0 events!

Can some one suggest optimizations or a different way of doing collisions?

Off the top of my head, if you are using version 1.4.0 of Panda3D you might have some issues. I made a game for a course and it just tested the environment mesh for collisions, in 1.3.2 it ran fairly well but in 1.4.0 there is a big performance bottle neck (no code change). Since I am using an older PC I noticed problems with the Roaming Ralph sample as well. Other users experienced similiar problems (there is a thread about it in general discussion).

That is just a quick suggestion. Might work, might not.

ShinjiHiko, you are right! It does work fine! BIG THANKS you saved us days of work … i mean days when we only have 7 to complete the challenge.

you are the man ShinjiHiko!