How to make blendable animations?

Hello All,

In my project, all characters use the same skeleton.
So i would like to have a set of blendable animation for this skeleton.
I’ve seen Panda3D can blend animation.

If i want to blend running animation (mostly leg animation) and firing animation (mostly torso+Arms animation).Should I
A)create a full body animation for both Run and Fire animation (but with no mouvement for some bones)
B)separate my skeleton in two parts : torso and legs? (like in MD3 file format?)=> i don’t get the multipart notions i’ve noticed in other forums

Hi Manakel,

It sounds like you are actually asking for half-body animation, not blending. If you blend two unrelated animations, you usually don’t get good results. For instance, if you have an animation in which your character’s legs are moving but not his arms, and you blend it with an animation in which his arms are moving but not his legs, the result is the character’s legs and arms both moving only 50% of their normal motion.

But a half-body animation means you play a different animation on the arms that you play on the legs. Panda does have some limited support for this; see panda/src/doc/howto.make_multipart_actors.txt.


If you are looking for the multipart actors tutorial, it is now available here