how to make alpha serfaces cheeper

I am running into problems with alpha surfaces being very very expansive to render. What are some tips you might suggest to get better performance? Maybe disabling z sorting? Smaller textures? Using monochrome textures? Using different blend modes? Any alpha speed tips would be great. I am looking for the best look/speed trade off.

Alpha blending is not usually terribly expensive in itself, so we need a bit more information about what you are doing that is particularly slow. Are you rendering lots of little particles? Several big polygons that fill the screen? Shaders?


“Are you rendering lots of little particles?”
just rending about 100 projectiles brings the renderer to its knees.
I cant render them using “billboarding” Geom trick because they are not billboards but simple 6 - 12 poly things.

“Several big polygons that fill the screen?” Couple but they dont make troubble.

“Shaders?” Yes i use lots of these but it does not look like disabling it makes any thing goes faster.

i figure it out! All i needed to do is to set the node.setBin(“unsorted”,0) on all the projectiles stuff