How to make a title screen?

Hi there;

I’m trying to make a title screen for my game. I would like it to be just a photo with a “start” button, which is also just a photo. I don’t like the ugly grey box, I would like it to just be my photo. I’m a little confused how I can get this to start first, and then how to get the start button to actually start the game. Can someone explain this to me? Maybe some sample code? I’m super new to programming and Panda, so it would be really helpful.

Thank you!

To start with, it might help to know what you have at the moment–in particular, what is the “ugly grey box”? Do you have a DirectFrame, or some other DirectGUI element, already in place?

If you’re using DirectFrame (or at least some of the other DirectGUI classes), you should be able to set its “image” constructor keyword parameter to the address of your photograph.

[edit] (I realise that this is perhaps not a terribly useful post–I’m mainly prompting for more information in order to give you a post that’s appropriate to what you’re doing.)

Probably you should use DirectFrame to hide the scene of your game, OnscreenImage to show image and DirectButton to show button and define its behaviour.

I hope, it will help.