How to lock body rotation in one axis in Ode?

Hi all,

Finally I solve my problem in trimesh. Now I’m trying to implement character controller. I do some good work with this tutorial: but now I’m having problems to lock body rotation in one axis in Ode.

Someone have some example or any idea to implement this?

I look for quaternions manuals but I didn’t find the solution.


I don’t want to advertise my own code here, but have you tried taking the kinematic approach? As I said over and over again, before jumping into the dynamic CC waters with ODE, one should consider the approach taken by game physics middlewares such as PhysX, Bullet and Havok. They all use Kinematic Character Controllers and there are reasons for that. I’ve wrote some stuff about that in the thread linked below so please go there and read. There is also a working KCC implementation (along with area triggers for example) there so you might want to give it a try.

Thanks for the advice. Now I’m looking this. It is more dificult that I imagined kinmeatic. I will examinate the code.