How to intercept gui-event-messages?

I’m having problems getting mouse-over events to work for a second DirectObject when the mouse-button has already been pressed but not released for the first DirectObject.

When the mouse-button is pressed over a Directobject, the gui mananger seems to freezes out messages (like enter-object) to other Directobjects. ie., I press and hold the mouse button when it is over frame1. I move the mouse over to frame2, but frame2 doesn't register the mouse entering its region (because the mouse button hasn't been released yet.)  

However, when I enable messange.toggleverbose, I see that the message enter-frame2 is still fired. How do I intercept this message in my code?

Thanks for any pointers.

Listen to DGG.WITHIN instead of ENTER.


Ah, ok. So that is what WITHIN is for. I did some tests earlier and thought it was useless like hte appendix.

But do you know how I can capture the messages that come out of messenger.verbosetoggle and parse it myself everyframe?

I don’t know. IIRC only Notify can be redirected to a user defined stream.