how to install the browser plugin

I downloaded the Panda3d Runtime 1.0 as the source code, compile it on my Gentoo Linux system, no error, all ok. But now I do not know, how I can setup the webplugin in my Firefox Browser, I find no .xpi file and I have no idea about the name of the plugin. So, please, can someone help me ?

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Jürgen Hamel

How did you compile it? With makepanda?
If so, you need to copy built_cmu_rt/bin/panda3d to a directory on your PATH (e.g. /usr/local/bin) and built_cmu_rt/lib/ to your browser’s plugin directory (e.g. /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins).
Then restart your browser and type “about:plugins”, the Panda3D plugin should show up.

First of all, rdb, ty for your fast help.

yes, I use

And here are the problems. I have no built_cmu_rt, but a simple built directory. To find this file, I do a
find -name , first in little folder like this source folder, then in /usr and /opt, later on the whole system. But this file is definitly not on my system.Some weeks before I have build the panda 1.7 from csv-tree, works good. but after all, I have no panda3d executable file in my system, but I have this files:

So, it seems, that there is no plugin build on my system :frowning:(

Jürgen Hamel

Ah, if you have a “built” directory, that means you forgot to add the --runtime option to makepanda:

python makepanda/ --everything --distributor cmu --runtime

Yes, that was it ! It works, thank you so much.

Jürgen Hamel