how to get values of the objects scale

i know how to get the current value of the postition and rotation of the object such as object.getX but i dont know how to get the value of the invididual scale values as from what i know there are the x , y and z scale values and i dont know how they are presented in panda3d
any help will be most appreciated.
thanks greatly.

Try using “object.getScale()” , this will return a vector with all the 3 values…

Use this somewhere in your code, and then look in the console to see what I mean :slight_smile:

print object.getScale()

i tried that all ready before in this code
I want to make the illusion that your zooming in on the object by making it bigger and smaller.I think its easier that way as im only dealling with one object.

def zoomin(task):
return Task.cont

it gave me and error saying this.

" Typerror: LVecBase3f ::operator +() argument 1 must be LVecbase3f,not int "

Dont worry about it anymore.I have found the solution