How to get the position though the camera view?

Hi everyone, I have just come across pand3d. I have no previous experience with 3d software.

I want to place a 3d model 10m away from the camera view. But after the camera has been rotated, I don’t know how to get the coordinates 10m away.
In the bottom left corner of the picture are the coordinates and angle of the camera.
The following is an overhead view and I would like to place the 3d model at x point.

I know there is a bullet function in panda3d but I don’t know if it is useful for finding coordinates (Using Bullet with Panda3D — Panda3D Manual).

I would like to know more about panda3d camera, but I don’t know how to find the camera topic at

Thank you for taking the time to read this question.

If I understood you correctly, then this question has sounded before, you can extract a solution from this post.


WOW. Thank you, that’s what I want.
How did you find that post?

my guess

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