How to export Spore creatures to panda3d … -maya.html

After you get the creatures into dea file you can do any thing you want with it, you can try to load it directly, but i suggest post possess it in blender or some thing first.

That’s very interesting.

Unfortunately, Blender’s collada support is kind of sucky. Which is a real pity, given that it’s the only way to reliably send around files.

I’m thinking about adding native collada support to Panda (like dae2pg instead of going through the egg interfaces).

Sorry but i think its a waste of time. If egg is not powerful enough it should be extended. The source>egg>bam thing works great and should be just left as is. Egg is meant to be cross version thing. What if pg interface changes? Now both bam2pg and dea2pg need to change, and who would change it?

Your work on dea2egg was great! I think obj2egg in c++ is a much better project if you want to do file formats.

Actually, I think it’s a waste of time to keep extending .egg. There are so many things that it does not support, that I think it’s more work to keep expanding it (especially through the yucky bison/flex stuff) than to add native collada support, the format that supports everything.

are you legally allowed to use your spore creatons elsewhere other than the game?

You’d have to check that.