How to do : walk through a building ?

Hi, I am not sure if this is the exact place to ask this question.

I have the following problem :

I want to build an 3D application that gives the user ability to walk through predefined buildings.

For example :

I have 4 buddings . The application will display list of all building names and when the user clicks on one of the building names it will be presented with 3D model of the building. The user should be able to walk around the building, make a walk inside the building, make zoom …

The question I have is : Is Panda3D appropriate software I need to accomplish that task.
I saw the sample Roaming Ralph and it seems to be close to what I want.
I am absolutely new in 3D graphics/games and for that reason the learning curve is important for me.

I suppose this what I want is trivial, but I do not have enough knowledge to decide if Panda3D is the right engine for starting point.

If you think that Panda3D is not appropriate could you please advice me what kind of software to use .

Thanks in advance,

Here’s my advice from one noob to another:

I think Panda may be appropriate for you. It seems to me that once you know how to use it, which I don’t fully, Panda is one of the easiest engines you could use - if not the easiest. Look through the manual to see if it makes sense to you.

However, if you’re absolutely new to 3D game making and need the shortest learning curve possible, you might also consider Blitz3D. It has probably the shortest learning curve of all, and the example programs are more understandable to a beginner.

Of course, Blitz isn’t free, so if you can’t afford to spend the money then Panda is likely your best option.

Hi, thanks for the response.

I am looking for a free solution.
Since Blitz3D is not free may be will use Panda3D.

Thanks a lot !

basically… you could take panda, modify the roaming ralph example (so ralph wont climp up walls :wink: ) and you’r almost done… with some tweaking.
if you dont need high performance you may wont to look at the blender engine,too. blender would be better if you want smaler download size. if this doesnt matter panda is just as fine… and ways faster!