how to do this

I have got a plane surface and 3 cubes of egg file.
CAn anyone tell me how to code such that I can move the cubes on pressing keys in the keyboard .Actually i am looking to build a car race game .I know i am in the very much infant stage.Can anyone provide me with the code snippet i have to show this much to my lecturer tomorrow.It is very urgent.I fiddled with lots of roaming ralph example ,B?ut i can’t get the cube roamming Any easy code snippet will be appriciated.Any help will be a grace .If i am not able to show that most probably my project will be cancelled tomorrow.So please help me…

for moving objects you can eg use the following:

do.accept("up",lambda e: the_objects_nodepath.setY(the_objects_nodepath,1))
do.accept("down",lambda e: the_objects_nodepath.setY(the_objects_nodepath,-1))
do.accept("left",lambda e: the_objects_nodepath.setX(the_objects_nodepath,-1))
do.accept("right",lambda e: the_objects_nodepath.setX(the_objects_nodepath,-1))

so you just have to get the object’s nodepaths…
for that you could start at and go through the manual